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Our Mission:


I use the sun to save homeowners and business’ money, save the planet and save our country from the grips of corrupt energy monopolies.


Our Mission

My mission is to help create a sustainable future that utilizes clean energy for us and our children. Solar is the most cost effective and efficient method of producing residential and commercial energy.

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Our Impact

As of 2019 Solar power has recently surpasses TWO MILLION installations, expected to exceed FOUR MILLION installations by 2023. Solar is currently generating enough energy to power 12.7 million American homes making it the fastest growing renewable energy. Be on the right side of history and make the switch with nothing out of pocket.


Why Are So Many People Going Solar?


Lower Your Bill

Going solar can cut your utility bills as much as 100%!!! Not to mention this takes affect immediately, allowing you to store credits for overproduction and actually get paid by the utility company.

Create a Better Present

Utility Companies are a main offender when it comes to the hazardous air quality we have seen getting increasingly worse over the years. By not funding this pollution you are doing your part to combat increasingly bad air quality and creating a better future for your kids.


Lock in your rates

Having a fixed energy bill allows you to escape the rate hikes of local utility companies and pay a faction of what your neighbors will be paying in ten years.

Invest in a better future

By paying a cheaper solar bill you are stimulating your local economy and funding the renewable energy industry allowing it to grow and make for a better future for energy.


Our Programs

What set us apart from the rest is the ability to find the best solar plan that works for you and your family’s energy use. Whether you plan to build equity in your home with a purchase or just need to save on utilities bills for some years until you move with a lease. We have the ability to explore all options.



My installation team Titan Solar Power boasts a 4.7/5 with 436 reviews on Google as of June 2019. Titan does a free roof inspection on all potential installations and will warranty your roof for ten years from day of installation.


We use only American or Canadian made solar panels that are equipped with a 25 years equipment warranty and a 30 production warranty.


Instead of using inefficient fossil fuels we use the SUN which comes up for free every day. Arizona has 299 sunny days out of a year and even on the cloudy days your Solar system will still provide your home energy.


On average, solar systems save those in Arizona about $1,377 annually with that number only increasing as utility companies continue to push for more aggressive rate hikes.


April 2019

They offer a TRUE savings program with no money out of pocket and nothing crazy like a lien against your house. Really happy to find these guys locally!

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Solar energy installations are expected to more than double in America these next fours years. This means we need professionals to help with the explosion of this incredible industry.

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I’m always interested in talking to other business professionals in the Environmental/Renewables sector to grow our movement and spread the good word of sustainability.